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Pgslot has all kinds of slot games to please the players like Hotpot games, this slot game. Was made to please the Shabu line Especially late It is a slot game with a very interesting theme. Strange from the old theme slots, hotpot themes will make you go hungry. Comes in the theme of food Grilled Shabu Which has a variety of appealing objects And the theme colors attract Making him want to play a lot Player who eats If you play, you will definitely like it.
The game comes in a 3×5 slot format and is super easy to play. Because it is a 3-reel slot with 10 basic bets, a 3-reel slot is easier to play than a 5-reel slot, simple, uncluttered, just the same symbols that match 3 slots get your winnings. The special prize of this game is When you meet the heat You will get more bonus.

PGSlot There are 3 levels of spiciness which are

  1. The heat with that smoke. You will receive a minimum bonus of 10 times.
  2. The fiery heat The bonus you get is the minimum multiply 80 times.
  3. Super hot spiciness, the minimum bonus is 500 times.
    The more you bet The more you have a chance to receive a bonus It is a very interesting slot game. Suitable for beginners Who are looking for a slot game that has a simple play style, which this game meets your needs for sure Which can place a minimum bet at 0.20 – 20.00. Besides the game is designed to play There are realistic graphics, 3D images that make it clearer. It is also a game that will easily make money for players as well.